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3 Gallon Notre Dame 3-Flavor Popcorn Tins
Product Code: 32239

3 Gallon Notre Dame 3-Flavor Popcorn Tins

Show your support for your favorite college team with our new College Conference Popcorn Tins.  Each is filled with our 3-Way selection of real Butter, traditional Cheddar, and our "secret recipe" Caramel corn.  From start to finish, we use only the finest of ingredients to produce giant, fluffy kernels of crispy, crunchy popcorn.  For memories of their Alma-Mater to congratulations on acceptance to a "soon to be favorite" school, these gifts from The Popcorn Factory® will have your recipients cheering for more.  Be sure to send every student you know one of these tins for their late night study sessions and final exam week!
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