Classic Easter Basket
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Classic Easter Basket

Our multi-colored, wicker baskets are classic in design, but filled with a medley of the unusually delicious kind. Four flavors of our popcorn best – 5 if you include the Popcorn Egg – plus chocolate and sweet treat compliments mean this basket should be your first choice in Easter baskets. If you’re still not swayed, we also include a darling little Plush White Floppy Ear Bunny.

Easter Delights:

• 1.6 oz. Cheese Popcorn – A must for any popcorn fan. When you think of cheese popcorn, this is it!
• 1.6 oz. White Cheddar Popcorn – Plump kernels with delicate white cheddar goodness and just a hint of buttermilk.
• 3 oz. S’Mores Corn – Our popcorn twist of the campfire favorite, every bite is like a mini dessert!
• 4 oz. Spring Mix Kettle Corn – Our yummy and delicious Kettle Corn in budding green, purple & pink colors.
• 1.1 oz. Popcorn Egg – A fun and delicious treat created from the magic of our secret-recipe popcorn balls.
• 2 oz. Milk Chocolate Eggs – Individually wrapped, silky smooth and luscious chocolate treats.
• 2 oz. Easter Candy Corn – Assorted fruit flavors, it’s an Easter spin on the sweet, Halloween favorite.
• 1 oz. Easter Cream Candy Mix – A delicious cast of Easter characters in assorted, chewy fruit flavors.
• 3 oz. Fannie May® Milk Chocolate Bunny – Nothing says Easter like a rich and luscious chocolate bunny!
• Plush White Floppy Ear Bunny – A soft and adorable keepsake to compliment the array of goodies.
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