Heart Deco Tin & Tower
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Heart Deco Tin & Tower

Ideal for parties or if you want to impress your valentine with tier after tier of gourmet goodness, our Heart Deco Tin & Tower offers a mix of gourmet popcorn and mouthwatering treats sure to make your valentine giddy with delight.  Available in six or seven tiers of delectable delights.

2-Gallon Popcorn Tin:
• Butter Popcorn – The popcorn classic with freshly popped kernels and buttery deliciousness.
• Cheese Popcorn – A must for any popcorn fan. When you think of cheese popcorn, this is it!
• Caramel Corn - Super crunchy and super delicious, one of our most popular popcorn recipes.

7-Tier Tower Treats:
• 3 oz. Conversation Hearts – The classic candy favorite with cute sayings in assorted fruit flavors.
• 2 oz. Milk Chocolate Hearts – Individually, foil-wrapped, creamy milk chocolate hearts.
• 4 oz. Milk Chocolate-covered Peanuts -- Doubled dipped in creamy milk chocolate, an addicting treat.
• 6 oz. Valentine Fruit Sours – Candy balls soured to perfection in assorted romantic hues and fruit flavors.
• 6 oz. Chocolate Toffee Pretzels -- Pretzels covered in milk chocolate and chewylicious bits of toffee.
• 9 pc. Pixies® - The irresistible Fannie May® favorite of caramel and pecans covered in luscious milk chocolate.

(6-tier Tower does not include Pixies.)
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