Bunny Patch Snack Assortment
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Bunny Patch Snack Assortment

Our Snack Assortments are all about variety… after all, it’s what gives life its flavor.  Our 2-gallon, Bunny Patch design tin is bursting with mouthwatering flavors offering sweet, sour and chocolatey treats paired with five flavors of our popcorn best.  As an Easter gift, it is sure to please!

Easter Delights:
• 1.2 oz. Butter Popcorn – The popcorn classic with freshly popped kernels and buttery deliciousness.
• 1.6 oz. Cheese Popcorn – A must for any popcorn fan. When you think of cheese popcorn, this is it!
• 6 oz. Caramel Popcorn – Super crunchy and super delicious, one of our most popular popcorn recipes.
• 3 oz. Chocolate Popcorn – Our original Kettle Corn smothered with rich cocoa goodness for satisfying chocolatey treat.
• 6 oz. Bunny Pop Cornfetti – Our salty/sweet Kettle Corn with a sweet drizzle and candy confetti bits.
• 3 oz. Chocolate Toffee Pretzels – Pretzels covered in milk chocolate and chewylicious bits of toffee.
• 2 packs of Sour Marshmallow Bunnies, 2 oz. each – Assorted fruit-flavored gummi-like marshmallow bunnies soured to perfection.
• 4 oz. Milk Chocolate Eggs – Individually wrapped, silky smooth and luscious chocolate treats.
• 3 oz. Fannie May® Milk Chocolate Bunny – Nothing says Easter like a rich and luscious, solid milk chocolate bunny!
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