Best Friends - Chocolate & Cherry
Product Code: 64775

Best Friends - Chocolate & Cherry

Send someone special a pair of popcorn flavors that were meant for each other! Born out of serendipitous, cosmic events and the grandiose imagination of our Popologist, BPF’s combines two individual canisters of gourmet popcorn that are good on their own, but better together.
Chocolate Popcorn
It’s our gourmet, sweet and salty Kettle Corn covered with rich cocoa goodness for a chocolaty treat that will satisfy even a five-alarm chocolate craving. Warning, this spot-on flavor has been known to cause severe mouth thrills.
Cherry Popcorn
This sweet and crunchy pleasure begins as our gourmet Kettle Corn. Then we add the sugary virtue of red cherry essence for a gourmet, popcorn experience that will kick your hand to mouth reaction into autopilot.
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Our Popcorn Promise: Both you AND your recipient must be absolutely delighted - we guarantee it!