Best Friends - Strawberry & Vanilla Cream
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Best Friends - Strawberry & Vanilla Cream

Send someone special a pair of popcorn flavors that were meant for each other! Born out of serendipitous, cosmic events and the grandiose imagination of our Popologist, BPF’s combines two individual canisters of gourmet popcorn that are good on their own, but better together.
Strawberry Popcorn
We take our premium, delicious Kettle Corn and add a healthy dose of strawberry goodness for a gourmet snack that tastes like a dessert.  With its alluring aroma and crunchy sweetness, this popcorn experience is best enjoyed in mass.
Vanilla Cream Popcorn
A simple and refreshing popcorn experience, we start with our gourmet Kettle Corn and enrich it with the luscious, smooth flavor of vanilla cream. Each handful is like a flotilla of vanilla sailing past your taste buds!
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