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Big Birthday Ultimate Snack Assortment
Product Code: 65346

Big Birthday Ultimate Snack Assortment

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Birthday Delights:
  • 5 oz. Butter Popcorn – The popcorn classic with freshly popped kernels and buttery deliciousness.
  • 6 oz. Birthday Celebration Cornfetti Popcorn: Our salty-sweet Kettle Corn that tastes like a birthday cake, sugary and delicious!
  • 1.6 oz. Cheese Popcorn – A must for any popcorn fan. When you think of cheese popcorn, this is it!
  • 1.6 oz. White Cheddar Popcorn – Plump kernels with delicate white cheddar goodness and just a hint of buttermilk.
  • 6 oz. Chocolate Popcorn – Our original Kettle Corn smothered with rich cocoa goodness for satisfying chocolatey treat.
  • 1.5 oz. Buffalo Ranch – Our popcorn version of the classic wings, hot and tangy with a hint of ranch.
  • 4 oz. Sour Green Apple – Don't let the sweet, crunchy coating fool you, this packs plenty of pucker power!
  • 6 oz. Smores - Our popcorn twist of the campfire favorite, every bite is like a mini dessert.
  • 2.5 oz. Box Chocolate Chip Cookies – Crunchy and satisfying cookies packed with chunks of milk chocolate and crunchy pecans.
  • 2.5 oz. Box Triple Chocolate Cookies – A box of crisp, lightly crumbly cookies filled with dark and white chocolate chunks.
  • 6 oz. Honey-roasted Peanuts – Roasted peanuts smothered in a sugary honey mix and a dash of salt.
  • 2 x 6 oz. Rainbow Mini Pretzels – Mini pretzels covered in a sweet confectioners' coating sprinkled with rainbow candy bits.
  • 4 oz. Frosted Cupcake Taffy – Individually wrapped chunks of chewy taffy that taste like a frosted vanilla cupcake.
  • 4 oz. Chocolate Foil Stars – Individually wrapped, luscious milk chocolate star-shaped treats!
  • 2.5 oz. Milk Chocolate Candles: Individually wrapped, milk chocolate shaped candles.
  • 8 oz. Mini Pretzels: a favorite everyday snack.

4 lb 9.2 oz.
Serves 12–14.
A 6.5-gallon tin filled with Milk Chocolate Candles, Frosted Cupcake Taffy, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mini Rainbow Pretzels, Foil-wrapped Chocolate Stars, Honey-roasted Peanuts, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mini Pretzels, and 8 flavors of popcorn: Cheese,White Cheddar, Chocolate, Celebration Cornfetti, Butter, S'Mores, Sour Green Apple Kettle Corn and Buffalo Ranch. 4 lb 9.2 oz. Serves 12–14.
Our Popcorn Promise: Both you AND your recipient must be absolutely delighted - we guarantee it!

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