Movie Night Scoop Boxes set of 2
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Movie Night Scoop Boxes set of 2

A great whimsical and delicious gift for employees and clients, each Scoop Box comes filled with Butter Popcorn, Red Licorice Twists, Gummy Bears and Kiddie Mix Candies.
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Movie Delights:
• 2.4 oz. Butter Popcorn – The popcorn classic with freshly popped kernels and buttery deliciousness.
• 7 oz. Red Licorice Twists – The classic, sweet and chewy candy favorite!
• 8 oz. Gummy Bears – The sweet and chewy bear-shaped candy favorites!
• 8 oz. Kiddie Mix Candies – A mix of children’s favorites: Now and Laters, Sweet Tarts, and more

1lb 5.4 oz.
Serves 2

Our Popcorn Promise: Both you AND your recipient must be absolutely delighted - we guarantee it!

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