1. Wholesale Popcorn in Bulk

Wholesale Popcorn in Bulk

Buy Wholesale Gourmet Popcorn in Bulk!

Welcome to The Popcorn Factory® Wholesale Bulk Popcorn Program

Product Description: Bulk popcorn packaged in a poly-bag.

Order Details: Prices are by the pound and do not include shipping fees. Standard LTL and UPS Ground Rates Apply. Custom printed or custom sized cartons require a minimum order of 5,000 units.

Flavor Options: are available in bulk at the price-per-pound listed.

Please Note: Custom flavor development (flavors not currently included on our flavor list) is available but will require additional R&D lead time and associated charges.

Popcorn arrives in a poly-lined carton.
Standard carton dimensions are: 16H x 14W x 14D inches.

Order Details: Pricing does not include packaging or shipping.

Shipping is not included and Standard LTL and Courier Ground Rates Apply.

Find out how easy it is to partner with the gourmet snack leader!

Payment and Terms : Net 30 Day terms available, CC and Check accepted

  1. Wholesale Popcorn in Bulk